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Stock photography is a collection of ready-made images that are available to be licensed for personal or commercial use. They can be purchased and delivered online and may be purchased by anyone, though the typical target audience is graphic and web designers.

A good example of stock photography is when you buy a picture frame at the store, and there's already a picture of smiling people in it. That's a stock photo.

Stock photos require a release and it is important that you understand how your images will be used. The required release can be found here: istock_modelrelease.pdf

Every day you see thousands of images in magazines, packaging, posters, online and on TV. But very few of these images were created specifically for that product, promotion or concept - what you're seeing is stock photography. Today, iStockphoto represents more than 30,000 photographers world wide, and their collection has climbed past 5 million.



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