Spirituality And How To Enhance It


Ideally, spirituality is a concept that has extended beyond the practice of religion and its always used frequently to mean quite a number of things; nonetheless, what exactly does spirituality mean? And how can you enhance spirituality? These two questions are critical and therefore; they will form the basis of this article.

What is Spirituality?

Firstly, it’s important to note that spirituality is one of the oldest social concepts and it has expanded as well-developed overtime as various connotations can be attached to it and the truth is spirituality is a rather broad concept with room for quite a number of varying perspectives. Generally, one of the characteristics of spirituality is that it incorporates a sense of connection which is bigger and broader than ourselves and typically involves an engaging search for meaning in life. Another characteristic is the fact that spirituality is universal in the sense that it touches all of us and experienced by every human being. Again, spirituality can be characterized by a sense sacredness, interconnectedness, transcendent and a sense of aliveness. Spirituality can also be characterized by personal beliefs. Given the above characteristics, spirituality can be defined as a recognition of a sense/feeling or believe that there is a greater being than yourself. Again, spirituality can be viewed as the means of understanding that your life has significance as well knowing who you really are and thus connecting with something bigger than yourself. Bottom line, all these definitions point back to the aspect of humanity that describes the way an individual seeks and expresses the importance and purpose of life as well how an individual experience their connectedness to self, nature, to others as well to significance and sacredness.

How to Enhance Spirituality?

One of the most crucial things that you need to understand concerning spirituality even before exploring on the ways to enhance it is the fact that, spirituality does not require any form of religious affiliation to be enhanced. Below are some five crucial and productive things you can do to enhance your spirituality:

  • Identify and Explore Your Spiritual Core

Preferably, by recognizing and exploring your spiritual core, you are essentially asking yourself questions in regards to the person you are and your importance. For instance; you can ask yourself, who am I? What do I value most? What is my purpose? Such questions will definitely lead you into more in-depth thoughts about yourself; thus, presenting you an opportunity to realize fulfillment.

  • Look for Deeper Meaning

Moreover, you can take part in progressively more profound thoughts to find a deeper meaning of your life and that way examining recurrent patterns that will enable you have some command over your destiny. It’s important to note that; discovering yourself gives you an opportunity to achieve your happiness and thus reaching your spiritual fulfilment. It’s actually a sense of rejuvenating yourself.

  • Be Honest and Open with Yourself and Others

This is actually a way of having an inner glimpse about your inner self. Been open and honest about yourself means that you get to accept yourself the way you are, you get to accept the things you can not change and change those that you can. Despite the fact that spirituality is subjective, its powers normally less in a shared connection with others. Being open and honest to yourself and others opens your mind, your body as well spirit to infinite possibilities. Take a risk and be vulnerable, make mistakes, accept your shortcomings as well with others. Acceptance is the key to enhancing your spirituality.

  • Practice Mindfulness and gratitude

By practicing mindfulness, you are literally been aware of your environment; that is, enjoy nature and that way you will be in a revitalizing as a well fresh state of awareness. Practicing gratitude, on the other hand, includes reflecting on those things that you are thankful for in life as well as recognizing that you are so blessed to have a family, friends as well as endless opportunities.

Identify your expressive activities if you haven’t yet such as dancing, singing, swimming, or even taking art lessons among other activities. This way you will be in touch with your right brain side thus balancing your logical and linear aspects. It’s important to note that forgiveness is not an occasional act but a constant attitude and nothing disrupts your spirituality more than grudges. You can offer forgiveness either verbally to the individual who causes you pain or even through internal acceptance and the choice to move on. It’s also important to be grateful for what you’ve learned from such an experience and accept that we are never perfect.

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Conclusively, spirituality is more of a personal thing as well as internal connectedness and through the above tips, you can successfully reach spiritual fulfillment and satisfaction.…